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Dance Workshops


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to take part or book a workshop for your event (info@dietanzkompanie.de).
Everyone can participate (aged 8+). One does not need any previous knowledge, just comfortable clothing. Examples of three inclusive dance workshops proposed by DieTanzKompanie:

Body awareness and dance movement, a workshop for people with and without mental handicap. The main goal is to share beautiful moments dancing together, but also to strengthen a positive attitude towards diversity and harmony between those involved.

Sign Dance, a workshop for deaf and hearing people. We learn how sign language and dance could merge in amazing movements. A sign language interpreter and a drummer assist us so that deaf persons could feel the vibration of the music in their bodies.

Dance from all over the world, a workshop for Seniors where we learn international dances while sitting.

Interview from Festival "Tanz dem Gasteig"

about Darcys inclusive dance workshops

Interview from Festival "Tanz dem Gasteig"

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