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Human Design

by Grégory Darcy

Human Design

58 minutes, 7 dancers, 3 musicians, 1 A.I. robot

Why are we created? Why do we create machines? What is the connection between Machine with artificial intelligence, Human Being and Nature?

With these fundamental questions deals the dance project "Human Design", which combines human and artificial bodies in dance. This choreography of hydraulics versus blood circulation, electronics versus nervous system and software versus brain waves - aim at completely redefining the term inclusion. People and A.I. machines with different abilities dance in a solo, duo, trio, or all together.

Choreographer Motivation

Choreographer in an inclusive and professional dance company who studied aerospace engineering, Darcy has always been interested in the boundary points between Human Being and Technology. Currently he dedicates his life to art, but before he had professional experiences with physics, mathematics and with hydraulic and pneumatic aerospace systems. The idea of a connection between dance and bionics, in the form of a performance, also came from this period. He finds it fascinating to look at how we are influenced by machines or how machines can influence us. And even more fascinating how a possible partnership between humans, robots and nature could develop, offering an exchange platform between scientists and artists, experiencing new perspectives on their own work.

SWR Kunscht!

A.I. Robot, Human Being and Nature. Grégory Darcy and his inclusive dance company

SWR - Kaffee oder Tee

TV broadcast "SWR - Kaffee oder Tee" with a live interview shortly before the premiere of Human Design Link to ARD Mediathek

Documentary "DieTanzKompanie Esslingen und der Traum von wir" on SWR TV und ARD

The SWR television author Katja Schalla accompanied Grégory Darcy and his dance company in the creation of their current production "Human Design". From the first rehearsals in June to the premiere.
SWR | 2022 | 30 Min.
A film directed by Katja Schalla
Produktion: SWR, Südwestdeutscher Rundfunk
Link to Youtube

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    „Innere Stimmen“ (inner voices) shows in several short pieces topics such as sign language and modern dance, inner fire and disability, autism and body language.

    Inner Voices

Press Comments

Anna S. Harms appreciates working with her disabled dancer colleague. "The moments with Károly are special because he is very honest, very present. He challenges me to be very present as well, because his body can react unexpectedly,” says the dancer.

"I always wanted to show the human being in me," says Károly Tóth and puts a hand on his heart, "dance made that possible for me."

— Julia Lutzeyer about the piece Human Design - Stuttgarter Zeitung

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