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Innere Stimmen

by Grégory Darcy

„Innere Stimmen“ (Inner Voices)

75 minutes, 5 dancers, 3 musicians

Inner voices shows in several short pieces topics such as sign language and modern dance, inner fire and disability, autism and body language, inner voice and will. It deals with social questions about perfection, acceptance of being different and ideals of beauty.
But Grégory Darcy´s performances are more. There is a desire for a world in which people are not categorized as black or white, refugees or locals, disabled or ablebodied.

"I wish for a world where there are only human beings."

In connection with various types of physical and mental disabilities, new styles of movement and dance are emerging, accompanied by live compositions. And all this with international professionals in both music and dance. The range extends from the best German dance actress Anna Süheyla Harms (winner of the Faust Theater Prize) from Australia to the german dancer Johannes Blattner winner of the Rotary Club audience award for the ballet category. Other dancers are Laura Brückmann from Germany with Down syndrome and a professional qualification as a dance assistant and the young and incredibly expressive professional dancer Sophie Hauenherm with incomplete paraplegia graduate from the prestigious Palucca University of Dance.

SWR Landesschau Baden-Württemberg

Reportage about DieTanzKompanie and the piece Inner Voices

ZDF Broadcast Terra Xpress - Reportage

Interview of the dancer with incomplete paraplegia S. Hauenherm and choreographer G. Darcy Reportage on ZDF Mediathek

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    by Grégory Darcy

    „Renaissance shows the birth of a futuristic world, where quantum physics and contemporary dance merge through the creation of a quantum dance.


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    Human Design

    by Grégory Darcy

    Why are we created? Why do we create machines? What is the connection between Human Being, Nature and Machine?

    Human Design

Press Comments

With the means of modern dance, the artists bring their inner voices not only to life but also to resonate in us.

— E. Maier - Esslinger Zeitung

Innere Stimmen is so precisely balanced and carefully composed without voyeurism.

— Julia Lutzeyer - Stuttgarter Zeitung

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